Remote Fob

This article contains instructions for programming a Remote Fob with the S03 system.

NOTE: If you purchased the remote fob as part of a kit, then it has been pre-programmed to the main panel already, and no other programming is needed. Follow these steps below if you have purchased a remote fob separately, and are now adding it to an existing system.

Programming a Remote Fob with the S03 Main Panel:

  1. Make sure any motion detectors are turned off before you begin.
  2. On the Main Panel, enter the following:
  3. <your 4-digit password>. #
  4. 7. #. <2-digit zone number>. #
  5. On the Remote Fob, press any key to add it to the Zone. You will hear 2 beeps on the Main Panel.
  6. On the Main Panel, press #.
  7. Turn on any motion detectors that were previously turned off.