Signal Repeater

This article contains instructions for programming a Signal Repeater with your Fortress Security Store alarm system.

Signal RepeaterSignal Repeater

Note: There is no programming required between the Signal Repeater and your alarm system's main panel. Instead, individual sensors can be programmed to the signal repeater. Once added to the signal repeater, the sensor(s) can then be placed farther away from the main panel.

The range of the signal repeater is 200-400 feet.

Also note that wireless sirens cannot be programmed to the signal repeater.

To program a sensor to the Signal Repeater:

  1. Turn off any motion detectors to avoid accidentally programming them.
  2. Plug the Signal Repeater into the wall power.
  3. Press and hold the "Study" button until the LED light turns from Green to Orange.
  4. Trigger the sensor you would like to add to the Signal Repeater.
  5. The Orange LED will flash. The sensor is now programmed to the Signal Repeater.
  6. While the LED is Orange, you can continue to add sensors. Two quick flashes of the LED indicate that the sensor has already been programmed to the Signal Repeater.
  7. Press the "Study" button to exit programming mode. The LED will turn Green again.
  8. Turn on any motion detectors that may have been turned off.