Doorbell - Type A

This article contains instructions for programming additional accessories with the Doorbell - Type A.

NOTE: Any accessories purchased at the same time as the doorbell have been pre-programmed already, and no other programming is needed. Follow these steps below if you have purchased an accessory separately, and are now adding it to an existing doorbell.

Doorbell - Type A

Doorbell - Type A

Programming an Accessory with the Doorbell - Type A:

  1. Press and hold the Gear Button ( ~3 seconds)
    The Doorbell Receiver will beep once, and the LED Light will be lit up.
    The Doorbell Receiver is now in "Listening Mode."

  2. Trigger the Accessory to send a signal to the Doorbell Receiver.
    The Doorbell Receiver will beep twice.

  3. Press the Gear Button to save.
    The LED Light will go dark.
    The Doorbell Receiver is no longer in "Listening Mode."


Removing All Accessories:

  1. Unplug the Doorbell Receiver.
  2. Press and hold the Gear button.
  3. While holding the Gear button, plug it in to the wall outlet.
  4. Continue to hold the Gear button (~ 10 seconds), until you hear a faster series of beeps.
  5. All accessories have now been cleared from memory.


Compatible Accessories:

Doorbell Push Button - trigger by pushing the button

Doorbell Push Button

SOS Necklace - trigger by ???

SOS Necklace


Door / Window Contact - trigger by separating the magnet from the sensor

Door / Window Contact 

Motion Detector - trigger by waving in front of it

Motion Detector

Pet Immune Motion Detector - trigger by waving in front of it

Pet Immune Motion Detector