Why can't my GSM panel make or receive calls or texts?

If your GSM panel is unable to make or receive calls or text messages, there may be a few possible causes. The following troubleshooting steps can help resolve that issue.

No Available Minutes / Phone Service Disconnected

If you are using a land line, does that land line have dial tone?

If you are using a SIM card, is the account still active with minutes available?

Is your account with the phonr provider in good standing currently?


No Phone Number Programmed into the GSM Panel

Is there one or more phone numbers programmed for the GSM panel to call or text? (See Page 57 of the GSM User Manual.)

Note: In this case, the GSM panel might still be able to receive inbound calls successfully.


No Outbound Message Recorded

Have you recorded a message for the system to play on an outbound call when the caller answers?

If not, you'll need to record one. (See Page 59 of the GSM User Manual.)


Bad Reception From Cellular Tower

Are you receiving a strong signal from the cellular tower(s) in your area?

You can increase the reception strength on the GSM main panel by installing a copper wire to act as an antenna. (See How can I get better cellular signal to my GSM panel?)

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.