How can I toggle the Siren Chirp on or off when the system arms and disarms?

Siren Chirp

The Vea 3G/4G GSM system has a Siren Chirp feature which is enabled by default. This plays a short blast from the siren(s) whenever you arm or disarm the system, to give you confirmation that the system responded correcttly.

You can disable the Siren Chirp if needed. To disable the Siren Chirp, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate in the menus to Main Menu -> System Settings -> Sound Settings.
  2. Enter "01" and press the checkmark. *
  3. Press the Menu button (three horizontal lines) to toggle the Siren Sound from "ON" to "OFF."
  4. Press the checkmark to save your changes.
  5. Press the back button until you return to the main screen.

These commands will disable the SIren Chirp when arming or disarming from the panel itself, as well as for arming / disarming when using Remote Key Fob #01.

* To disable the Siren Chirp when you are using other remotes, you can use a different 2-digit number like "02" or "03" instead of "01" in Step 2 above.