How does the BUS bar on the Total Security panel work?

The Total Security panel has a BUS bar consisting of 3 ports - 51, GND, and 52. (The ground port labeled "GND" is shared between both Zones.)

You can connect any existing wired sensors you may have to these ports, and then if any wired sensor is triggered, either Zone 51 or Zone 52 will be triggered in the system.

More than one sensor can be wired on the same circuit, and all sensors on the same wire will share the same Zone number.

There is no programming required for wired zones. Simply connect the wires to the BUS bar in the back, and then the wired sensors are ready to use. Your wired sensors will need to have their own separate power source.

NOTE: We have two similar systems called Total Security and Total Security WiFi. If your BUS bar has a total of 5 ports (two of them labeled "TEL"), then you have our Total Security WiFi panel instead. We have a separate article for that system, located here.