S6 Titan Firmware Upgrade

Changing settings or accessing files without prior instruction from a Fortress Security Store representative will void the warranty.

Before we begin, it's important to NOTE:

If the panel gets turned off or unplugged during the upgrade process, then the panel will be completely broken and cannot be fixed.

Make sure that the panel remains plugged in and turned on the whole time during the upgrade process. The final steps of the upgrade process will tell you when it is safe to eject and then unplug your panel. You'll see another warning below as well.

Step 1 -
On a Windows PC, download the following file, named "alarm.ex":
Latest Firmware version 5.3.3 "alarm.ex"

You can save it to any convenient location, such as your Downloads folder, or the Desktop.

Step 2 - 
Using a USB data transfer cable (USB to Micro-USB), plug the panel into one of the USB ports on your PC.

Step 3 - 
In the panel's menu, navigate to "Main Menu -> About -> Update -> USB Update." Select that, and then select "Yes" to confirm.

The panel will restart. Once it restarts, then a new USB drive should appear on your computer (for example , drive "F:").


Step 4 - 
Browse the USB drive and find the file name "alarm.ex". Delete that file.

Step 5 - 
Copy the new "alarm.ex" file that was downloaded from Step 1 above, and copy that into the same location where the previous file was located.

Note: If the previous "alarm.ex" file was not deleted yet, then there will not be enough space to copy over the new file. You'll need to delete the old "alarm.ex" file first, as prompted in Step 4 above.

Step 6 - 
Once the new "alarm.ex" file is safely copied over completely, then you can eject the USB drive. In Windows 10, for example, you can right-click on the USB drive and select "Eject."

Step 7 - 
Once your PC indicates that it is safe to remove the USB device, then you can unplug and turn off the main panel.

Then you can count to 5, and turn the panel back on. You can also then plug the panel into the wall for power again.

To confirm that the software upgrade was completed successfully, you can check the software version number under "Main Menu -> About -> About Device" again. It should now show the new software version number on this screen.