My Door/Window Contact Sensor is not working. What should I do?

Door/Window Contact Sensor

Here are the recommended troubleshooting steps to take if a Door/Window Contact Sensor for your Total Security alarm system is no longer working successfully.


Check For Metal Doors, Windows, Or Frames

If your sensors or magnets are mounted on a door or window (or door/window frame) that is metallic, this can interfere with the magnetic field of the magnet.

This can cause the sensors to not work reliably, or to only work intermittently. You may also find that the sensor's tamper switch will still trigger the alarm, but opening the door or window would not.

To test if your metal door or window is interfering with the operation of the sensor, we recommend removing the equipment and testing the sensor away from any metal (for example, try holding the magnet and the sensor in your hand, instead).

Mounting the sensors with a spacer that is not conductive (wood, plastic, foam, or etc.) will help the sensors to work more reliably, so that they are situated away from any metal when they are mounted.


Check The Status Of The Sensor Light

The Sensor Light will flash on when the sensor and the magnet are separated (when the door or window is opened), then flicker off after 1-2 seconds. The same will also happen when the connection is re-established (when the door or window is closed). If the light is lit up solidly and doesn't turn off, or if the light never turns on at all when the sensor is triggered, this indicates a low or dead battery.

Check The Alarm Settings

If the sensor is placed in a Zone that is configured to be disabled when the alarm is armed, then the expected behavior is that the alarm would not be triggered when the door or window is opened.

More information about Zones and their settings can be found here:Total Security User Manuals

Check Battery Pull Tab

When you unpack the sensors from the box, there will be a battery protector pull tab that must be removed before the sensor will work. Make sure that this pull tab has been removed before mounting the sensor.

Check Placement Of Sensor

The sensor and the accompanying magnet should be placed as close as possible to each other when in the closed position. Ideally within 1/4 inch. Place the sensor so that the magnet is closest to the side opposite the Fortress Security Store logo.

If your door or window is metal, or the frame is metal, this can interfere with the signal the sensor is sending. We recommend putting a spacer of some kind between the metal surface and the sensor or magnet in order to ensure best performance.

If there are other devices in the area that would obstruct or interfere with a 433MHz radio signal, make sure these are not between the sensor and the panel. Also make sure that there are no other magnets or magnetic fields near the sensor.

Check The Distance To The Main Panel (or Signal Repeater)

The range of the main panel for the system is 150 feet. You can also purchase a Signal Repeater to increase the range of the system. In that case, the sensor would be programmed to the repeater as well as the main panel. The Signal Repeater has a range between 200 & 400 Feet.

Reprogram The Sensor

If the above steps have not resolved the issue, then we should try to reprogram the sensor to the panel. Here are the programming steps to reprogram the sensor with your system:

Reprogramming Door/Window Contacts With Total Security

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.