How long do batteries in the sensors last? How do I know if the batteries are low? Where can I get new ones?

The Contact Sensor for Windows or Doors, Panic Button, Remote Fob, Water Sensor, and Vibration Sensor each use one 12v 23A battery. They will usually last 8-12 months under typical usage. New batteries can be purchased from local hardware stores or from our website.

Contact Sensors for Windows or Doors and similar sensors will display a solid red light when the battery is low. Replace with a 12v 23A battery as soon as possible. Simply remove the back plate from the sensor to access the battery.

Standard Motion Detectors and Pet Immune Motion Detectors will show a solid white/amber light in the motion detector screen. Replace with a standard 9v battery as soon as possible. For the Pet Immune Motion Sensor, slide the battery cover off the back to access the battery. For the Standard Motion Detector, unscrew the 1 Phillips head screw on the top of the sensor and then pull the front cover away from the sensor.

Batteries are always included for each sensor.