How do I set up the alarm so that it does not go off instantly when I open my front door (aka how do I set up a delay?)

  • By default, no sensors have delay enabled.
  • You can only enable a delay on zones 01 - 08
  • Any zone that does not have delay enabled will trigger the alarm instantly
  • Once you enable delay on a sensor, the default is a 30 second entry delay
  • When you change the time of the entry delay, the time is changed for all delayed sensors
  • If a delayed sensor is triggered, the panel begins beeping for the duration of the delay
  • If you enter your passcode on the panel and press Disarm or disarm the system from a remote fob before the delay time is up, the alarm will not sound
  • If the system is not disarmed within the delay time, the alarm will sound
  • Please note that enabling a delay on a motion sensor zone (motions are usually in zones 01 - 03) will cause the motion detector to still be active during Home Mode
  • Exit delay, allowing you time to exit your home before the alarm is fully armed, is not tied to any particular sensor and also has a default time of 30 seconds. Exit delay only occurs when activating Out Mode—there is no delay when arming the system in Home Mode


To enable a zone for entry delay:

PASSWORD # * [two digit zone number] 2 2 # RETURN

Example - enabling entry delay on zone 08:

PASSWORD # * 08 2 2 # RETURN

To change the entry delay time for all sensors with entry delay enabled:

PASSWORD # 2 8 * [two digit number of seconds between 01 and 90] # RETURN

Example - changing entry delay time to 45 seconds:

PASSWORD # 2 8 * 45 # RETURN

To change the exit delay time

PASSWORD # 2 7 * [two digit number of seconds between 01 and 90] # RETURN

Example - changing exit delay time to 60 seconds:

PASSWORD # 2 7 * 60 # RETURN