I cannot arm the system in Home mode when pressing the Arm button on the main panel. What should I do?

If your Total Security WiFi panel has Software Version 3.1 (which you can confirm in the About menu in the settings of the panel), then this is the behavior we have discovered:

If the system has an Exit Delay programmed, then when you press the Arm button on the panel the first time, the Exit Delay begins its countdown. Pressing Arm a second time should then arm the system in Away mode, and then allow you to press the Arm button a third time to arm in Home mode. Instead, when you try to press the Arm button the second time, the Exit Delay continues, and does not allow you to skip it, or arm it in Home mode.

Here are some work-arounds for this issue that we recommend:

1 -
If you do not need an Exit Delay, you can change that to 0 seconds, and then the system will allow you to arm in Home mode from the panel directly.

2 -
If you need to keep the Exit Delay, you can continue to use other methods to arm the system in Home mode, such as using the free mobile app, or a remote key fob.
Arming Methods