What are Zone Attributes and how do they work?

The Total Security Alarm System has a total of 99 Zones, each of which can be programmed with different Attributes. These Attributes will determine the behavior of any and all sensors in that Zone.


Zone Attribute Summary

Note that the Total Security system can be armed in two modes, the "Armed" mode, and the "Stay" mode.

Zone Attribute Behavior
1 - Instant

Sensors are active when armed in Armed or Stay mode, and inactive when Disarmed.

2 - Home Sensors are active when armed in Armed mode,
and inactive when in armed in Stay mode, or when Disarmed.
3 - Smart This Attribute requires a sensor to be triggered 2 times within 3 seconds before setting off the alarm. This is a great feature for helping to prevent false alarms.
4 - Emergency Sensors are active when armed in Armed or Stay mode, and also when Disarmed.
5 - Disable  Sensors are inactive in any state (Armed, Stay, or Disarmed).
6 - Doorbell  Plays a doorbell sound when sensor is triggered in any state (Armed, Stay, or Disarmed). In this way, you can use a Panic Button as an actual doorbell.
7 - Chime Produces a chime sound when Disarmed. When armed in either mode, the alarm will sound.
8 - Medical

 Sensor will trigger in all states, but will not sound the alarm sirens. (Silent Alarm)


Pre-Programmed Settings

Here is an example of how a Total Security F Kit would be pre-programmed (your kit may differ):

Device  Zone Number  Zone Attribute 
Motion Detector 1  01  2 - Home
Motion Detector 2  02  2 - Home
Motion Detector 3  03  2 - Home
Motion Detector 4  04  2 - Home
Door/Window Sensor 1 05  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 2  06  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 3  07  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 4 08  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 5 09  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 6  10  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 7  11  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 8  12  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 9  13  1 - Immediate
Door/Window Sensor 10  14  1 - Immediate
Smoke Detector 15  4 - Emergency
Glass Break Sensor 16  1 - Immediate
Panic Button 99 4 - Emergency

The remote control key fobs also get programmed to the system, in separate 'Remote Control Zones', or 'RC Zones'.

Device RC Zone
Remote Key Fob 1 1
Remote Key Fob 2 2
Remote Key Fob 3 3
Remote Key Fob 4 4
RFID Keypad 5

Best Practices / Recommendations

We recommend placing Motion Detectors into a Zone with Zone Attribute 2 - "Home". This way, they will be active when you're out of the house and the system is armed in Out mode, but they will be inactive when you're at home, and the system is either armed in Home mode, or disarmed altogether.

We recommend placing Door/Window Contact Sensors into a Zone with Zone Attribute 1 - "Immediate".

We recommend placing any Panic Buttons, Smoke Alarms, Gas Leak Detectors, or Water Level Sensors into a Zone with Zone Attribute 4 - "Emergency".

Instructions For Changing Attributes

To change a Zone's Attribute, navigate to the Zone settings directly by following the steps below:

  1. On the Main Panel, enter your Administrator password, then press the Menu button [three horizontal lines].
  2. Navigate to "Sensors", then select "Sensor".
  3. Scroll to the desired Zone, and press OK.
  4. Scroll down to Attribute.
  5. Select the desired Attribute by entering the desired Attribute number.
  6. Press OK to save your changes.
  7. Press the Back button to return to the starting screen.