How can I connect my Total Security WiFi system to my land line phone?

This article contains instructions for connecting your Total Security WiFi system to your land line phone.

The system has 2 wired ports on the back of the main panel, labeled "TEL." Included in a new kit you will also find a land line phone cable that you can use.

Strip the wires off of one side of the phone cable, and then insert the 2 wires into the 2 ports on the back of the panel. Tighten the screws to make sure the wires will stay firmly connected.

Plug the other end of the cable into your phone jack (from your wall, your modem, or wherever you get dial tone from).

If the system does not call out over the land line (or you are unable to call inbound to the system), try switching the 2 wires so that they are plugged into the opposite ports, and then test again.

Total Security WiFi system

If you are still experiencing issues with the land line connection after checking these steps, please contact our Support team directly.

Note: Do not use a DSL phone line to connect your alarm system.